What is the Daily Dose of Data Science?

Daily Dose of Data Science is a daily column with insights, observations, tutorials, and best practices on data science.

It brings together intriguing frameworks, libraries, technologies, and tips that make the life cycle of a Data Science project effortless.

Highly relevant for industry professionals at big tech, startups, and engineering students.

Daily Dose of Data Science

πŸ”’ What to expect as a premium member?

Unfortunately, the premium plan does not provide you with another β€œPandas/Python/NumPy get-started guide”. There are already plenty of resources.

Instead, it is inclined to provide you with in-depth articles that:

  • Explain fundamental concepts of data science and statistics
  • Help you approach data science problems with intuition
  • Cover concepts that are often overlooked by folks
  • Clarify common misconceptions, etc.

Simply put β€” things that make you an effective data scientist.

Thus, if you:

  • Struggle to understand the intuition behind algorithms/concepts.
  • Feel intimidated after seeing many mathematical formulations.
  • Relentlessly leverage algorithms in sklearn but never truly understand what’s going on under the hood.
  • Want to streamline your data science problem-solving, etc.

Then this premium plan is for you.

Two sample blogs that resonate with this framework are available here: DailyDoseofDS.com.

Image from the blogs page.

πŸ”’ For premium members:

  • 1-2 in-depth articles every week.
  • Suggest topics you want to learn about.

πŸ™Œ For free subscribers:

  • All free subscribers receive one short daily issue. This space is hosted on Substack and you can subscribe below:
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  • One in-depth article per month. (You should be registered on this website to receive it).

πŸ’° Expensing the newsletter

  • Your subscription receipt will be emailed to you as soon as you become a paying member. It can serve as a receipt for expensing at companies.
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Individuals living in countries with lower purchasing power can benefit from a full subscription at a discount. To take advantage of this offer, head over to the membership page, and you'll be prompted with a relevant discount:

πŸ™‹β€β™‚οΈ Who is the author?

The author (Avi Chawla) is highly passionate about approaching and explaining data science problems with intuition.

He has been working in the field of data science and machine learning for over 6 years now, both across academia and industry.

Here's what everyone says about his content:

Where can we go for help? If you have any questions, email at avi@dailydoseofds.com.

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A daily column with insights, observations, tutorials, and best practices on data science.

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